Hello, and welcome to our Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd and related artwork site.      

 I have collected Sex Pistols memorabilia over the years and this is the second time I have tried to catalogue it in any sort of order. Mick has collected PIL stuff for many years and although he has a bootleg blog this is the 1st time he has shared his collection this way.

      In my younger day's I used to collect vinyl and Pistols posters, but due to work commitments I stopped for a few years, restarting with the CD's about 20 years ago. The 1st "Tichs Sex Pistols CD's" was a great way to show my collection on the internet, Now I am trying to organise them so that the site can be used as a database for the many Sex Pistols & Public Image Ltd collectors and fans out there.

     The site is an ongoing project which will be added to every day, in the future we are looking to change the headings so that the various parts of the collection are much easier to gain access to.

     At the moment we have 1628 CD's and 130 Sex Pistols vinyls (so far)  and 86 DVD's and 88 Cassette in our collection. The CD side of the site is not up to date so I will now try and add the CD's to bring them up to date, when it is up to date it means I will be able to spend a bit more time going back over the CD's and adding more info and sorting my terrible spelling out, so keep revisiting the site and see what has been added daily, or try visiting the Latest Site news and New CD's & Vinyl for day by day News and any important new update information.

     As Mick has started adding his fantastic Public Image Bootleg collection to the site you will see his knowledge of the PIL gigs is outstanding, he makes a great addition to the site, if you have any PIL questions for Mick then please get in touch.

    Mick is busy updating the Public Image Ltd side of the site at the rate he is going it will not take him long, so if PIL is your thing then keep checking back as that side of the site is changing daily.

     As the collection is going to be a huge amount of recordings to save time I strongly advice you to use the "CD Search" facility just enter any key part of the title of the recording you are looking for ie the city or the gig location they were playing, and all the different versions of that recording/artwork that are on the database will be displayed.    

     I have decided to add my DVD collection to the site as well as I am constantly getting asked by collectors about DVD's I dont have a huge amount but the recordings that I have collected have had some great artwork created for them, Mick will also be adding his collection of PIL DVD's that he has, in the future.

     Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the artwork would like to thank Jeremy Frey, for allowing us to use information from his site 'Welcome to the Rodeo'.

     Thanks very much for visiting our site and I hope you get as much enjoyment from it as we do.

Tich & Mick.