Never Mind the Bollocks The Album History.Introduction

                          Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols

There are countless Sex Pistols greatest hits collections, compilations, live recordings, imports, and bootlegs available. Some are good but others are terrible. This is really the only Sex Pistols album that matters. Everything else is for hardcore fans. This is where the true Pistols legacy begins and ends. Get it now!

"If it's not clear to you now, it's going to be: the rock wars of the Seventies have begun, and the Sex Pistols, the most incendiary rock & roll band since the Rolling Stones and the Who, have just dropped the Big One on both the sociopolitical aridity of their native England and most of the music from which they and we were artistically and philosophically formed. Musically, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols is just about the most exciting rock & roll record of the Seventies. It's all speed, not nuance, and the songs all hit like amphetamines or the plague, depending on your point of view." - Rolling Stone

"The title says it all really. This is a direct, honest album which contains some of the most vital rock songs of this decade; brutal, real, and full of energy and passion. It's great music in any books, and leaves most of the so-called New Wave standing at the starting line. "Bodies" is like a punch in the chops. It's definitely the most overpoweringly nasty, maybe even gross thing the group has done. "God Save the Queen" still bursts out of the grooves in all its raging majesty. This album is a stunner." - Zigzag

"Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols should fulfill the darkest fears of civilization's guardians. Those who have been looking for a target to leap upon with cries of "antihumanity!," "mindless resignation!," or plain old "slime and obscenity!," need seek no further. It is a violently, single-mindedly rocking album, packed with the fury of frustration that fits naturally into the coming of age. Johnny Rotten's charismatic word-twisting is effective even without the visual dimension of his direct sneer and hostile glare. Rotten is a consummate musical actor who honestly believes his script, and on Bollocks, he has found the appropriate stage and players." - High Fidelity

"Where the Sex Pistols may break through is that, politics and social distress aside, the chain-saw madness of Johnny Rotten's vocals, Steve Jones' guitars and the rhythm section of Paul Cook and Sid Vicious can provide an intense way of expressing fury when the parties turn sour, even when the good times are bad. Rotten's batterings at anyone who's done him wrong and his accusations that "The problem is you" ought to fit neatly into the revenge-thirsting consciousness of an audience who devoured Carrie." - Crawdaddy

"One of the most brilliant and important sets of lethal rock 'n' roll ever trapped on vinyl. The Sex Pistols aren't always right, but at least they kicked the modern world into gear. And the kicking was done with rock 'n' roll of burning revolutionary intensity. "Anarchy in the U.K." is one of rock's all-time classic singles, no question. The simple but inspired density of Steve Jones' rhythm work makes him just as indispensable to the Pistols' sound as Johnny Rotten, and he has an acute grasp of the short, sharp solos which best suit songs like "No Feelings," "Problems," "New York," and "Liar." The classic album from the band the Seventies was waiting for." - Melody Maker

""Submission" grows on you, a bit like a cancer. "Problems" says it all: "Bet you thought you had it all worked out / Bet you thought you knew what I was about / Bet you thought you'd solved all your problems / But YOU are the problem." I don't know where "Bodies" is coming from and it scares me. In "Holidays in the Sun," Johnny Rotten never allows himself to make a moral judgement, and, going by things he's said, he seems refreshingly capable of making them. I wish he would. So what are the Sex Pistols? For the tabloids, a welcome rest from nubiles; for the dilettantes, a new diversion; for the promoters, a new product to push; for the parents, a new excuse; for the kids, a new way in which to dissipate their precious energy. Johnny Rotten: Oliver Twist of this generation." - NME

"The Sex Pistols' political message comes across with undeniable power. They happen to be the most legitimately influential protest songwriters in well over a decade; as with Bob Dylan, it hardly matters whether they are sincere at heart. "God Save the Queen" is something of a small rock masterpiece and a remarkable revival of the kind of spleen-venting the Angry Young Men of the British theater were doing twenty years ago. I hope that when the Sex Pistols bring their peculiarly English brand of sonic assault to these shores in person, they will do their damnedest to make me uncomfortable about my endorsement. After all, if I read them right, that's their job." - Stereo Review

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