Credits Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd.Introduction

There are many many people in this world that have added to this site and I cannot possibly name them all, but there is a good few over the last 2 or 3 years who have been a great help in building not only this site but the 1st one as well.

I would like to thank Carole Penny for the fantastic work and hours she put into my 1st site and Jock Hart for all his support and ideas without both of them this site would not be up and running now.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the artwork would like to thank Jeremy Frey, for allowing me to use the information from his site 'Welcome to the Rodeo'.

Special thanks to the following people for the great advice, recordings and artwork over the years:

Tony , Mick C, Josef Grossinger, Steve Black (Noir), Phil Singleton,  Herv'e Labyre, Geant-vert, Tim Bucknall, Peter Reich, Mark Fearnside, Peder, 2 Para Padre, Glyn Powell, Brian (Sixth Pistol), Solomon Berger, Dino Everett, Dean Christie, Dan Warburton, Simon Flowers, Robert Needs, Ludde, Nigel Tolley, Kevin Harris, Steve Whitworth, Hajime Matsukawa, Mika Salomen, Simon Ridings, Paul Ilett, Phil Long, Thomas Rautenberg, John Duffy,Jeremy Frey, Ernest, Sparks, Steve Nichols, Juriy, Marky Dread, Peter Skidmore, John Moore, George, Michael and Selena Quirke, George, Terry Adams, Nancy Gray(Photographer), Biz Box,Andrew Brooksbank.

If I have missed your name off this list then I apologise, please get in touch so I can add you.



Public image Ltd collection credits by Mick C.

Tich's words also apply to my PiL collection; there are so many people who have contributed and helped out, many of whose names I have sadly forgotten over the years. Here is a list of people I would like to thank...

Tich, Pete Harris, Richard E, Karsten Roekens, Tony, Neil Clay, Bradley Albright, Del Smith, David Chilcott, Scott Murphy, Thomas Rautenberg, Steven Black, Kristian Mahler, Dan Hutton, Christopher M, Derek B, Carol Vasquez, Nicola Bryant, Keiran McGlynn, David Joseph, Kevin McInally, Ted Chau, Ryan D Schwartz, Glyn Powell, David J, Sam Brantner, Sebastian, Renato H, Tillman Kreft, JD, Issei So, Darren Cummings, Gary Tracey and Gazsi.

I apologise profusely if I've forgotten you...


Mick C.