Notes on the Sex Pistols & PIL Collection.Introduction

  • I know there are loads of other Pistols & Public Image Limited collectors out there who are interested to see what other collectors have and what material is available, so if anybody wants to get in touch we are more than happy to chat.

    Due to the Pistols only releasing one proper album nearly all the Pistols recordings are going to be the same songs. We collect the CD's & vinyl mainly for the various artworks that come with the recordings from the various countries. I also collect recordings for CD's that did not come with any artwork and has had good artwork created for it.

    I know there are a massive amount of Sex Pistols & Public image Ltd CD's & vinyl out there that we would like (about another 200 Pistols CD's and untold PIL I reckon), so rather than have a recordings wanted link and have to type all the titles out, if anyone who is looking through our collection thinks they have a recording/artwork that is not in our collection can you get in touch.

    Tich & Mick.


Additional notes about the PiL collection by Mick;

I began building my PiL bootleg collection in '97 when I was about 12. The first bootleg I bought was Manchester King's Hall '79, from a tape stall at the Barras market in Glasgow (right next to the Barrowlands music venue!) From the same stall I also got Lydon's solo album which had just been released.

For the first few years that is how my collection grew, adding a new tape every time I went to a tape fair or car boot sale. However the arrival of the internet (around 2000 for me) brought better trading opportunity, which is really when I began to trade seriously. By the time I was 16 I had over 90 bootlegs...  In 2009 I started and now my collection is slowly approaching the 200 mark. Over the summer I began producing the artwork which is now appearing on

The main reason for creating the designs was that I found that the artwork that accompanies PiL bootlegs is usually piss poor.

I'd like to thank all who have made my collection possible and especially Tich for hosting it on his site.

Mick C.