764 No 764 Sex Pistols (2 CD Set) (Asda).Introduction

Recording Label: Weton-Westgram B.V.
Running Time: Disc 1: 43mins 07secs. Disc 2: 24mins 11secs.
Year: 2008

ISMN: 8712155102233
Recording Company Code: B208
Quality: Disc 1: 8. Disc 2: 7.



This is about as low budget as it gets this has been produced for Asda by a Dutch company it is designed to be sold in the low budget section of Asda's along with some other crackers. In Asda's budget sections they have a Blue and a Green and a Red section as you see from the artwork the Pistols CD is from the blue section. This is a 2 CD set disc 1 is a live recording from possibly the Burton On Trent gig. Disc 2 is a live Sid solo gig from an unknown location. The artwork is about as poor as it gets it comes in a slide over cardboard sleeve and a poor quality sleeve design the disc artwork is also not good.

Disc 1 Track Names:

1. Anarchy in the UK.

2. Problems.

3. Substitute.

4. Liar.

5. Seventeen.

6. No Lip.

7. I Wanna be me.

8. Steppiin Stone.

9. No Feelings.

10. Submission.

11. New York.

12. Satellite.

13. Pretty Vacant.

Disc 2 Track Names:

1. Steppin Stone.

2. Chinese Rocks.

3. A Gas.

4. Search and Destroy.

5. My Way.

6. Take a Chance on me.

7. Chatterbox.

8. Something Else.

9. No Lip.

10. I wanna be your Dog.


764front sleeve. 764 box back 764 front 764 back 764 disc 1 764 disc 2

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