508 No 508 Wanted - The Goodman Tapes (Skyclad).Introduction

Recording Label: SkyClad.
Running Time: 41mins 27secs.
Year: 1988

ISMN: 029087666626
Recording Company Code: (Sick) SEX 6 CD.
Quality: 10



This is a selection of studio and live recordings.This is from Dave Goodmans time with the Pistols. This is from the Skyclad company and comes with different disc artwork.


Track Names:

1. Malcolm Mclaren Interview.

2. Suburban Kid (Demo).    (Rehearsal Studio 4 Track Version July 76)

3. Here we Go again (Ultra rare).    (Late 77 Ultra rare).

4. No Lip(Live).    (Live from the North of England 76).

5. No Fun (Demo).    (Live from Dallas - Last show ever).

6. Pretty Vacant (Demo).    (Rehearsal Studio 4 Track Version July 76)

7. Revolution in the Classroom.    (Ultra rare Mystery track).

8. God Save the Queen (Live).    (Live from Sweden).

9. Bill Grundy Interview.

10. Unlimited Supply (Demo).    (Live in the Studio Hanuary 77).

11. Anarchy in the UK.    (First ever TV appearance - Live on Young Nation 76).

12. Submission (Demo).    (Rehearsal Studio 4 Track Version July 76).

508 front 508 back 508 disc

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