443 No 443 From Denmark Street to Finsbury Park, Live.Introduction

Recording Label: Tottaly Rotton Records.
Running Time: 61mins 41secs.
Year: ?

Recording Company Code: T.R.R. 09.
Quality: Between 6 and 8.



This is a high quality compilation CD it has a very good mix of Live tracks taken from early Sex Pistols recordings from unknown locatons all the way up to the Filthy Lucre recording from Finsbury Park in 1996. it also comes with very good artwork.

Track Names:

1. No Feelings.

2. I wanna be Me.

3. Holidays in the Sun.

4. Seventeen.

5. Liar.

6. Satellite.

7. EMI.

8. I did you no wrong.

9. Bodies.

10. Substitute.

11. Pretty Vacant.

12. God Save the Queen.

13. Belsen was a Gas.

14. No Fun.

15. New York.

16. Submission.

17. Problems.

18. No Feelings.

19. Anarchy in the UK.


443 front 443 back 443 disc

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