5 No 5 The Best of the Sex Pistols.Introduction

Recording Label: Tornado
Running Time: 80mins 18secs.
Year: unknown

ISMN: 7243523306428
Recording Company Code: LC 0199
Quality: 10

This is a compilation of Various Sex Pistols tracks from the original Pistols to the Great Rock N Roll Swindle era the recording is very similar to the great Rock N Roll swindle, it comes with very good artwork which has a two page booklet that explains a bit about the bands history.

Track names:

1. God save the Queen.

2. Anarchy in the UK.

3. Pretty Vacant.

4. Holidays in the sun.

5. No one is Innocent.

6. My way.

7. Something else.

8. Friggin' in the riggin.

9. Einmal war Belsen wireflich Bortrefflish.

10. C'mon everybody.

11. The great rock'n'roll swindle.

12. Liar.

13. Did you no wrong.

14. EMI.

15. Who killed Bambi.

16. No fun.

17. Don't give me no lip child.

18. I wanna be me.

19. Johnny B Goode.

20. You need hands.

21. Lonely boy.

22. Rock around the clock.

23. God save the Queen.

24. Anarchie pour le UK.

25. EMI (orch).

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