212 No 212 Silver Jubilee.Introduction

Recording Label: Santuary Records
Running Time: 40mins 20secs.
Year: 2002

ISMN: 5034408662022
Recording Company Code: SELCD620
Quality: Studio: 10. Live 9.



A collection of studio and Live tracks from unknown locations. This was released as part of the Sex Pistols 25th Slver Jubilee Anniversary.

Track Names:

1. God Save the Queen.

2. Anarchy in the UK.

3. Pretty Vacant.

4. Problems.

5. Seventeen.

6. EMI.

7. Liar.

8. Submission.

9. I wanna be me (Live).

10. No feelings (Live).

11. No Fun  (Live).

12. I'm a lazy Sod (Live).

212 front 212 back 212 disc

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