1381 No 1381 Super Deluxe Edition Box set. DVD CD sampler 2 disc set.Introduction

Recording Label: Universal
Running Time: ?
Year: 2009

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 10

This is the Sex Pistols Super Delux Box set sampler it contains 2 discs one is the DVD disc and the other is the radio sampler. They are in 2 plastic sleaves and come with basic artrwork. it also has the sticker from Peer Group Radio and TV promotions. They are both marked "For Promotional use only - No for sale"



Disc one tracks.

Riverboat Party.

01. Probems.

02. anarchy in the UK.

03. Problems.

Happy House Stockholm, Sweden - 28th July

04 Anarchy in the UK.

05 I wanna be.

06 Seventeen. 

07 New York.

08 Problems.

09 No Fun.

Spots Tour - Winter Gardens, Penzance, Cornwall - 1st September

10 Problems

11 No Fun

12 Anarchy in the UK

DVD Extra's

01 God save the queen video

02 Pretty Vacant video

03 Holidays in the Sun video

04 The Hatday Interviews. Interviews By Jady and Fred Vermoral recorded in Aug 1977 with:

a Steve Jones

b Paul Cook

c John Lydon

d Sid Vicious

e Glen matlock

05 BBC Radio 1, Rock on. December 12th 1977 - John Tobler interview with John and Sid (previously unheard full uncensored version)


Disc 2 tracks.

Radio Sampler

1. Anarchy in the UK

2. Pretty Vacant

3. God save the queen

4. Holidays in the sun 

5. Belesn was a gas (Demo)

6. Inlimited Edition (Demo Versionof EMI). 

dvd front dvd back dvd disc radio sampler front Radio Sampler back Radio sampler disc sticker

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