1331 No 1331 The Swindle Continues.Introduction

Recording Label: ?
Running Time: 59mins 41secs.
Year: 2014

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 10

This is a 15 track CD collection starting from early Pistols stuff through Finsbury Park to the Guitar Hero versions of tracks. This comes with good quality artwork.

Track Names.

1. Pretty Vacant (Guitar Hero version).

2, Anarchy in the UK (Guitar Hero version).

3. God Save the Queen (Neil Barnes version).

4. God Save the Queen (Neil Barnes 7" ext remix).

5. Pretty Vacant (Ray of Gob 12" mix).

6. God Save the Queen (Ray of Gob 12" mix). 

7. Problems (Mark Vidler mix).

8. Sub-Mission (Mark Vidler mix).

9. No Feelings (Mark Vidler mix).

10. Pretty Vacant (inc 'Friggin the Riggin' intro ).

11. Pretty Vacant (Ray of Gob 7" mix).

12. Substitute (Live at the Palace).

13. Through My Eyes (Live at the Palace).

14. My Way (Live at the Palace).

15. Silver Machine (Live at the Palace).

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