1086 No 1086 The Fan Club EP's - Volume 1 - 6.Introduction

Recording Label: Comaman.
Running Time: 77mins 46secs.
Year: 2011

Recording Company Code: ?
Quality: 10



This complete CD has been created by a guy called Comaman it is a compilation of all the Sex Pistols fan club Ep's that have been released on 7" vinyl so far. the 6 vinyl EP's are all recordings from various studios and have been released in very limited numbers and colours on ebay. This comes with high quality artwork and a great sound this CD is available for downloading at Steves site which is called Sex Pistols/PIL live: http://sex-pistols-pil-live.blogspot.com/2011/02/sex-pistols-fan-club-ep-compilation.html#comments A great addition to the site. (Thanks Steve and Comaman).

Track Names:

1. Anarchy in the UK.

2. Submission.

3. Anarchy in the UK.

4. Pretty Vacant.

5. Anarchy in the UK.

6. Liar.

7. No Fun.

8. Substitute.

9. No Lip.

10. New York.

11. EMI.

12. Anarchy in the UK.

13. I wanna be me.

14. Seventeen.

15. Pretty Vacant.

16. Anarchy in the UK.

17. Satellite.

18. No Fun.

19. Problems.

20. Pretty vacant.

21. EMI.

22. No Fun.

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